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At Bluebell we design exhibitions that have impact. The topics of the shows is lighthearted and fun and therefore the layout, look and feel and marketing of the shows reflect this. However in contrast we take certain things very seriously – mainly the quality of visitors attending the show. We qualify each and every visitor to ensure they are a corporate event buyer. We also feel it is very important to look after our exhibitors as after all they’re the content and they need to be on top form.

Whilst the exhibition has a fun angle we do focus on the guest experience as we know how busy everyone in events is and therefore their time is precious and must be maximised. We spend a long time ensuring that we have a great variety of exhibitors and drinks and a well designed show.

We feel that it is important to focus on how an exhibition looks and feels, how the exhibitors and treated and how the guests feel at the event. We like to think that we are designing an event rather than an exhibition and we approach every exhibition this way.

If you would like to speak to us about running an exhibition we will brainstorm with your team to establish what needs to be achieved from the exhibition and then come back to you with a creative solution, exciting venues and ideas of how this can be achieved.


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