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We have exquisite taste and boundless curiosity to create a masterpiece

Who we are?

Good things come in small packages. So don’t be fooled by our size, we do big things for big names. It didn’t happen over night either. A group of expertise have been building up bluebell since 2004, offering loads of creative services like graphic design, advertising, exhibitions and events, branding and promotions.

What we do?

We Focus

  • On you. Developing close working relationships is the way we produce outstanding creativity. Getting the job done well comes from understanding not only our client requirements but also the aspirations and goals.
  • On your brand. The brand as an entity must deliver its own character to form a singular and cohesive brand personality. We deliver and create brands through understanding, familiarization and interaction to find out as much as possible about your brand and environment it’s competing in.
  • On design. An increasingly saturated environment plays a major role in the design and strategic decision-making of your brand. Branding and strategy can determine the level of success that a company will have. Knowing this, we make sure that we’re trained in all new software and that we maintain our involvement in the design community. That way our designers have a thorough knowledge of your industry and ours, which adds up to a well-rounded and dynamic end result

How we do it?

It’s simple, we all put our heads together, including you. The better we get to know you and how you want to be recognized, the better your target will respond to our design. We don’t want to just say that we’re better, we want to show you. The works in our profile are examples of how we can take your project from an idea to a success story.Our own success story can be attributed to many things, our friendly attitude and our amazing designers. Working closely with our clients, we often act as an extension of your company, completely immersing ourselves in your business and the competitive environment that it sits in.


Raed Hijjawi

Founder | General Manager

Ibrahim Riyal

Executive Manager

Raed Shuqo

Senior Graphic Designer

Amer Qatamin

Senior Graphic Designer

Abdallah Bayyari

Web Developer
Network Administrator


Nablus - Palestine

Rawda Bldg. - Rafedia St.


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